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HOUSEHOLD Kitchenware Dish Drainer Mat Folding Drainer Brunner Jumpa 921623 929621 (37 x 30cm) The silicone tableware can be stowed flat or rolled away and is therefore a packsize miracle. Consisting of 2 parts: the upper mat with draining holes ensures that your dishes do not stand in a puddle, the lower mat catches the water for a clean workplace. 0420032N Folding Compact Dish Drainer with multi-positional cutlery tray. Outer Quantity of 12. DIMENSIONS 34.5 x 24 x 10.3cm 38 x 36cm Collapsible Dish Drainer 92963 18 x 28 x 4.5cm Foldable Dish Dryer Brunner Drip 929632 0420035N Folding dish drainer. Comes in assorted colours (randomly assigned). 32 x 30cm. Outer Quantity of 6. DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS 37x31x6/13cm 37 x 31 x 13cm Vinis Fold-Away Bucket 0203062C.C9N Mixed Colours 12pk with Display Box 0203062N.C9N (Mixed Colours Singular) The new collapsible bucket has been inspired by our popular multi purpose bucket “Vinis”. Made of heat resistant, shatter-proof and easy to clean TPE. Can be folded to save space when not in use. Complete with fold down handle. All-In-One Salad Maker 94134 3 parts for washing, decanting, cutting, serving, storing. Bowl for washing salad, vegetables etc. with lid and insert for cutting salad and vegetables. Everything can be stowed in one another. Material: PP Dimensions: 19.4 x 17.6 x 11.4cm Food safe, dishwasher safe Weight: 0.25kg DIMENSIONS 35 x 36 x 18cm 60 SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com