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HOUSEHOLD OUTDOOR FURNITURE Drinkware Tables Glasses (Set of 2) 929092 (360ml PC Wine Glass) 929175 (270ml PC Juice Glass) 100% Polycarbonate 929176 (300ml PC Juice Glass) 929087 (500ml PC Pilsner Glass) 929173 (450ml PC Juice Glass) 100% Polycarbonate 100% Polycarbonate 929088 (100ml PC Champagne Glass) 100% Polycarbonate Tahiti 4pc Glass Set 20cl with Anti Slip 0830181C.C9N Tumbler 2 Piece Universal Glass Holder 13935N (400ml) 91579 100% Polycarbonate Sturdy Universal Glass Holder. Made from Slip resistant foam. Holds up to 13 glasses or cups. DIMENSIONS 33 x 24.5 x 6cm Edel Stackable Water Glass 2pc Set Edel Stackable Wine Glass 2pc Set Edel Champagne Glass 2pc Set 929177 929178 929179 Stackable Water glass, volume: about 0.30 lØ 69 mm, H131 mm. Stackable Wine Glass, volume: about 0.26 lØ 75 mm, H150 mm. Champagne glass, volume: about 0.20 lØ 55 mm, H160 mm. FULL CATALOGUE AVAILABLE ONLINE: www.miriad-products.com 51