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Bedding Spring Sleeping Bag with Compression Bag Inca Double, 2 Person Sleeping Bag ETSB0231 2 person sleeping bag made of soft and comfortable pongee polyester fabric with a 2-layer SLII Iso filling. The hood part is detachable with a zipper, so that the sleeping bag can also be used as 2 one person sleeping bags of 200x75cm. ETSB0146 Ideal summer sleeping bag: light weight and compact. The Spring sleeping bag is made of a light weight microfibre with a soft finish peach. The filling ensures that even during colder summer nights you are still comfortably warm. The compression bag ensures a small package. MOQ 6 Chili 400 2 Layer Sleeping Bag ETSB0811 Comfort Sleeping Bag ETSB0211 Comfortable sleeping bag made from specially treated (peach finished) polyester, breathable and water repellent. Equipped with a SLII (Supreme Loft II) hollow fiber filling. This SL/II filling will keep you good and comfortable even during colder nights. MOQ 6 Sleeping bag and made from 100% soft cotton and features a comfortable SLII filling. Comfort is made of a fine woven “soft touch” cotton which feels soft and comfortable. The sleeping bag can be zipped together creating a two-person sleeping bag. An ideal sleeping bag to take with you during your camping trip or even at home. MOQ 6 Brooks Sleeping Bag with Compression Bag ETSB0141 Comfortable sleeping bag made of a soft touch micro fiber. The Brooks is extra large and therefore also suitable for longer persons. Soft SLII padding ensures that you remain warm on a chilly night. MOQ 6 FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 369