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WINDOWS & ROOFLIGHTS Heki Rooflights Midi Heki Dometic Midi Heki Assy Set 9104116967 (400 x 700mm with Lever, White) 9104100245 - 32-39mm 9104120057 (500 x 700mm with Lever, White) 9104100246 - 39-46mm 9104121199 (500 x 700mm with Lever, Grey) 9104120058 (500 x 700mm with Lever without Forced Ventilation, White) 3104100261 - 25 - 29mm 9104120059 (500 x 700mm with Crank, White) 9104120060 (500 x 700mm with Crank without Forced Ventilation, White) 9104100263 - 35 - 42mm The Dometic Midi Heki offers the same comfort features and exceptional quality as the Dometic Mini-Heki but with bigger dimensions for installation. Ideal for owners of vehicles where there is not enough roof space for the Heki standard models. Micro Heki Style 3104100262 - 30 - 34mm 9104100264 - 43 - 52mm 9104100265 - 53-60mm Fixing Kit 9104117434 9104118048 Micro Heki 23-25mm 9104117679 (Darkened Screen) 9104118049 Micro Heki 26-27mm 9104117680 (Without Forced Ventilation) 9104118050 Micro Heki 28-29mm 9104117435 (Without Forced Ventilation with Flyscreen) 9104118051 Micro Heki 30-31mm A roof light for the bathroom! Designed for a roof opening of 280 x 280 mm, Micro Heki is the smallest roof light in the Dometic range. Its features, however, leave nothing to be desired. The elegant inner frame integrates a single pleated optional darkening blind and a fly screen, which can be adjusted separately as required. You can play with shade and light, let fresh air in and keep insects out and your smallest room on board will always be well ventilated, dry and neat. Micro Heki comes with a double-glazed roof dome, which is tinted on the outside and opens in two steps up to a maximum angle of 50°. A special locking device keeps the opened window firmly in place. 9104118052 Micro Heki 32-33mm 9104118053 Micro Heki 34-35mm 9104118054 Micro Heki 36-37mm 9104118055 Micro Heki 38-39mm 9104118056 Micro Heki 40-41mm 9104118057 Micro Heki 42mm Assembly kit that provides brackets and screws for a hassle-free installation of Micro Heki. Just attach the outer frame with the mounting kit and your Micro Heki is ready to use. 364 SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com