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WINDOWS & ROOFLIGHTS Polyvision Windows Polyplastic offers a wide range of windows. In standard dimensions. Windows are available as top hung or framed version as fixed, opening or sliding version. Different screen prints (Black/ Silver/Graphite), Frame Colours (Silver/Black) and Acrylic colours Opaque (white)/ Privacy (black)/Transparent (grey) give the final bespoke touch for the perfect look. Polyvision Windows Roxite® Acrylic Characteristics: Principal Product Features & Competitive Benefits: FRAME LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION EASE OF FITTING • Shockproof One-piece aluminium, with integrated hinge profile and thermal insulation. Typically only 0.3kg heavier than a 4.26 window and approx 2kg lighter than a plastic framed version (based on 900 x 550 unit). • Off-line preparation needed • Lightweight • Removal of ‘human-element’ of rubber windows • Thermo formable Quicker to fit; fully assembled. • Excellent transparency •  Stronger than glass (due to molecule structure) SEALING RUBBER Supple, frost-proof compound that seals directly onto the acrylic (no hinge step to cope with). ACRYLIC Cast 3mm acrylic, not thinner and extruded. INCREASED VISIBILITY Lack of blind infringement into aperture giving increased clear field of vision (enabling smaller aperture sizes to be used; less weight & cost). HINGE Fixed by adding material (glue), not by routering and removing material. Polyvision Best Selling Sizes ALSO TO CONSIDER • Timberless aperture possibilities • Chemical resistant • UV transmitting • Automated sealant application • • Decreased inventory of parts ie. fully assembled Easy to work with (cut and drill). • Direct interchange with aperture for non-framed windows; standardisation of side manufacture. Polyvision Aero Windows All windows come complete with stays & catches Polyvision Aero Windows with Black Frame and Privacy Glass. (900 x 550mm) Product No. Width Height Fixing Plates 06.25.527 500mm 400mm 8 06.25.532 500mm 550mm 10 (900 x 450mm) 06.25.523 600mm 250mm 6 (600 x 550mm) 06.25.509 600mm 550mm 10 06.25.502 700mm 350mm 10 (900 x 550mm) 06.25.505 700mm 450mm 10 (1100 x 550mm) 06.25.510 750mm 550mm 12 06.25.526 800mm 400mm 10 (1300 x 550mm) 06.25.506 900mm 450mm 10 (1000 x 550mm) 06.25.501 900mm 550mm 12 (350 x 550mm) 06.25.554 1000mm 500mm 12 06.25.518 1000mm 550mm 12 06.25.511 1100mm 550mm 14 06.25.512 1300mm 550mm 14 We supply windows for ALL mainstream UK manufacturers, past and present. We only supply Swift windows for any caravan over 8 years old. *Windows may be subject to a 4 week lead time depending upon specification. 354 • SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com 6.25.531.90.62.28 (350 x 500mm) Polyvision Fixing Screw Polyvision Fixing Bracket 9.25.522. OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com