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TV & SATELLITE TV Mounting Brackets Medio H/TFT Bracket In Line Coupler 01608T96033 37581 TV bracket which articulates left/ right and up/down. TV lifts off for out-of-sight storage. Weight of unit: 0.8kg. Medio V/TFT Bracket Sky2/TFT Bracket 01608T97033 01608T71099 TV support, lockable vertical mount. SKY Basic 2 TV Bracket 01608T21099SB Medio W TFT Bracket Sky1/TFT Bracket 01608T98033 01608T70099 TV bracket which allows TV to unfold outwards and the telescopic arm allows TV to be stored in a ‘drawer space’ type opening. Single hinge arm. 1 articulating point. 8kg capacity. Weight of unit: 2.6kg. Sky3/TFT Bracket 01608T72099 01608T99533 Silver arm. Double hinged arm. 2 articulating points. Silver arm. Triple hinged arm. 3 articulating points. 8kg capacity. 8kg capacity. Small Cantilever TV Mount 13” up to 30” M7230 Medio A Bracket Lowering TV bracket. Medium Cantilever with Anti Theft 13” up to 40” M7440 Cantilever TV mounts are ideal where multiple viewing locations are required, offering tilt and swivel adjustment as well as extension away from the wall. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 319