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TV & SATELLITE Satellite Receivers & Accessories Maxview Remora 40 MXL026 For people on the move, the Remora 40 is the ideal portable satellite TV kit that uses high strength suction mounts for easy, temporary attachment to any flat surface on your vehicle. Simple and intuitive manual operation Single LNB and Twin LNB variants available (for PVR’s, SKY+™ or 2 receivers) Easy adjust manual skew system Includes satellite compass High quality, durable and robust construction Designed and tested for outdoor use. Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard). Compatible with all SD/HD free-to-air satellite receivers including most SKY™ receivers. For SKY Q™ a LNB upgrade will be required. 12/24v Variable Gain Signal Booster MXL008 •  oosts digital and analogue B TV/FM/DAB radio signals in weaker signal areas Specifically designed for use with any Maxview Touring aerial Variable gain control to optimise signal strength Professional gold plated ‘F’, connectors Blue LED power indicator Low power consumption Includes 12/24v Fused Power Cable. Satellite Receiver Mounting Brackets • MXL021 Recommended for use with MXL020SD & MXL020HD. • • • • • Receiver not included. DTV Signal Finder Technical Specification Fuse type 2A F type, 1 1/4” x 1/4” Ø Frequency Gain Control 40-860MHz 0-18dB Input Voltage 12/24v DC current 50mA Noise <4dB Dimensions H35 x L100 x D75mm For indoor use only. MXL013 In digital-only TV areas you will not get a picture from tuning your TV if your aerial is not facing the correct direction. You need a finder to get the signal, then tune your TV. Compact TRI-Boom Mobile TV Arial MXL052 Weatherproof Sockets B2008 (Twin weatherproof socket with ‘F’ and coaxial connector – White) B2020 (Single waterproof socket with ‘F’ connector – White) B2021 (Single waterproof socket with coaxial connector – White) B2008/A (Twin weatherproof socket with ‘F’ and coaxial connector – Anthracite) B2020/A (Single waterproof socket with ‘F’ connector – Anthracite) B2015 Weatherproof Sockets (RJ45 Connector and Coaxial Connector Weatherproof Socket) B2007 (Twin weatherproof socket with Twin ‘F’ connectors – White – connects to satellite leads and ideal for Sky+) • • • 314 Provides external weatherproof cable entry point into a caravan or mobile home Complete with self adhesive foam seal and screws Easy to install. SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com Waterproof Cable Entry Cover MXL015 • • • • • Self adhesive foam seal Optional four point screw fixing Waterproof IP66 double membrane seals For all cable types 5mm to 9mm diameter. Can take 2 cables Easy installation – cable simply pushes through seals. OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com