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MANOEUVRING & LEVELLING Corner Steady Feet & Levels AL-KO Big Foot (Boxed set of 4) 1212458 Carapad 0115009C 7110102N Contains 4 supports. Triangle Level c/w Screw Holes Base pads made of sturdy plastic material. Also suitable for heavy caravans. With insect barrier. Set of 4. Triangular level with perpendicular bubbles and screw holes. DIMENSIONS L18 x W14.5cm AL-KO Crank Handle KLK 48 LK Jack Pad 1860409 MP4976 Set of 4 caravan jack pads. Universal Fit for all caravan legs. Durable and easy to fit. Weighted design for when caravan is being towed. Supplied in a full colour retail box. Caravan Jack Pad 7110106N DIMENSIONS L15.5 x W15.5 x H11cm 0.934kg Jack Pad 912322 FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 305