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MANOEUVRING & LEVELLING Jockey Wheels Spare Jockey Wheel MP429 Jockey Wheel & Tyre Only 230/65 160mm steel jockey wheel with solid rubber tyre. 160 x 50mm. Pressed Jockey Wheel Clamp B48P3 Jockey Wheel & Tyre Only 200/40B 230 x 65mm solid tyre. 205318 Suits 48mm stem size. MP229 205 x 30mm solid tyre. AL-KO Pressed Steel Clamp Suits 48mm stem size. Maypole 260mm Pneumatic Tyre AL-KO Soft Wheel (Wheel Only), 240mmx70mm 206171 AL-KO Manoeuvring Handle 1210182 (Single) 1210867 (Box of 20) Invaluable as a manoeuvring aid, this solid handle is ideal for easier and quicker movement of your caravan. It also helps to prevent loss of the jockey wheel through the clamp in transit, should it be insufficiently tightened. The manoeuvring handle can be retrofitted to all 48mm diameter jockey wheels. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 303