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TOWING Couplings & Stabilisers AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser Kit AL-KO AKS 3004 Triple Pack 1280484 1280485 • New stabiliser handle, designed specifically for use with all types of towing vehicles • Finished in UV resistant black and red for long service life • Stabiliser handle co-ordinates with the new handbrake and jockey wheel handles • Fitment of the AKS 3004 stabiliser significantly improves smoothness of a journey • Simple to use and provides peace of mind for new and experienced caravanners • Pop up indicator confirms AKS is correctly coupled onto towball •  Friction pad wear gauge indicates when new pads are required. • Kit Icludes: Towball, tow all cover and Safety Ball Supplied with an extended neck towball, towball cover, AL-KO security device and safety ball plus all necessary fixings. Suitable for use on caravans with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3000kg. AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser 1555267 • • • • • • • The new AKS™ 3004 featuring outstanding design and improved ergonomics noticeably suppresses snaking and pitching movements, for a safe and relaxed journey. The unique stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads is suitable for use with trailers up with a total weight of up to 3,000 kg. 4 friction pads working against snaking and pitching Increases the critical vehicle speed (observe the legal speed limit) The caravan can be stabilised more quickly in an emergency situation Bracket for AL-KO Safety anti-theft protection Complies with ISO 11555-1 (100 km/h permit possible) Safety indicator shows whether the AKS™ is correctly seated on the ball iSC Anti-Snaking Coupling Head AL-KO Coupling AK270 RD50/35/40/45 Packed 1730083 1860841 • • • • • • • • 278 SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com Suitable for all standard drawbar diameters of 60- 65mm Universal replacement to any coupling head For trailers up to 3500kg total weight and towbar loads up to 150kg Cross mounting ECE-approval Comfortable one-hand operation Indicator for correct hitching up Wear indicator for friction pads OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com