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VEHICLE ACCESSORIES AL-KO Chassis Equipment AL-KO Wheel Spanner AL-KO Octagon Shock Absorbers 601205 (Blue) 601206 (Red) Fits single axles 901-1300kg and twin axles 1601-2600kg. Fits single axles 1301-1800kg and twin axles 2501-3500kg. 601207 (Black) 376911 Fits single axles 1801-2400kg and twin axles 3501-7500kg. Retro-fit kits contain two AL-KO shock absorbers, four mounting brackets and all fixings. AL-KO Spare Wheel Carrier 1556159 AL-KO Corner Steady Nut Kit - 5pk 1554983 AL-KO Handbrake Cable AMC X250 4600- 4700MM 1292940 To fit 1410-1715mm chassis. Carrier comes pre-assembled. AL-KO Spare Wheel Carrier to Fit 1050-1250mm- Chassis Widths 1555934 AL-KO Replacement Carry Bag 1385381 AL-KO Replacement Carry Bag 1389166 To suit 1600kg Side Lift Jack (642855). Secure Compact Wheel Lock Replacement Carry Bag. AL-KO Replacement Carry Bag 1389608 1389235 AL-KO Bowden Cable Longlife – 770mm/980mm 1389235 To suit 2000kg Side Lift Jack (1389235). AL-KO Side Lift Jack (1600kg) 235977 AL-KO Side Lift Jack (2000kg) C/W Storage Bag AL-KO Side Lift Jack (2000kg) 1389235 Maximum capacity 1600kg. Complete with storage bag. Maximum capacity 2000kg. Complete with storage bag. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 243