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FURNITURE & FITTINGS External Door Locks & Keys HARTAL Door Retainer - Grey Hartal Triangle HSC Lock Hartal Complete Lock 23.0095.7503 RHTRILOCKBAI (Right Hand Triangle LHLOCK (Left Hand Lock Complete) 23.0095.7504 HSC Lock) LHTRILOCKBAI (Left Hand Triangle HSC Lock) RHLOCK (Right Hand Lock Complete) (Right Hand) (Left Hand) LHTRILOCKSWI (Left Hand Triangle HSC Lock) RHTRILOCKSWI (Right Hand Triangle HSC Lock) Complete lock. HARTAL Door Lock Complete 23.0142.9901 Trimark External Door Locks 73.3713.99 (TriMark Outer Lock) Triangle Grey Outer Lock, Suits FF2/HSC Cylinders 23.0152.9910 Hartal Black Outer Lock, L/h 23.0118.9902 73.3714.9910 (TriMark Inner Lock Left Hand) 73.3714.99 (TriMark Inner Lock Right Hand) External Locker Door Lock 00087 Inner+Outer L/H Door Locks Blc Cylinder and Keys 01508T42199 CYLKEYBAI 01508T42199PK CYLKEYSWI To suit Hartal door locks. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 217