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FURNITURE FURNITURE & & FITTINGS FITTINGS Table Legs & Supports FAWO 402mm Telescopic Table Support 01566T45499- Anodised (MOQ 10) Fawo Primero Comfort HVD 01611T72099 Fawo Table Support Primero 01611T70099 The elegant table-system offers the complete range of function for modern caravans and motorhomes. The optimized lift-technic offers maximum stability and longevity. The elegant oval cover shows a modern design. The table can be moved down smoothly by pulling the handle. A gas spring helps to raise the table. The quality is tested by KESSEBOHMER in life - and load- tests at its own test laboratory. Height: 300-660mm Swing: 360mm Lift Centre Folding Leg 01610T56939 (Centre Folding Leg – 690/295mm) 01610T56839 (Centre Folding Leg – 715/420mm) 01610T53439 (Centre Folding Leg – 675/315mm) 01610T54039 (Centre Folding Leg – 715/355mm) Top Folding Table Leg 01610T51039 Table top fitting Table-foot Weight: 7.7kg Primero Twin Support 01611T78099 Table Bracket c/w Sliding Rail 57055 (Top Folding Table Leg – 700mm) 01610T50539 (Top Folding Table Leg – 715mm) 01610T50339 (Top Folding Table Leg – 675mm) DIMENSIONS 01610T51639 100cm (Top Folding Table Leg – 740mm) Grey, Trigger action fold mechanism. Fawo Table Top Bracket 01568T99287 Cranked Aluminium Table Leg MIR8 Fawo End Cap 01568T99087 Foot for HTA Table Support 01611T93689 Aluminium Fixing Bracket MIR9 (For use with MIR8) Swivel table stand for wall mounting. Column and table support are rotatable. DIMENSIONS 715mm x Ø40mm 214 SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com