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GAS Gas Spares Ultraheat Control Panel Ultraheat Room Temperature Sensor 34000-09300 30403-02 (230v) 34020-00263 (Sensor) (Control Panel Cable) Additional mains-powered electric heater with thermostat, control panel and 3m connection cable for S3002/3004/5002/5004 fires. Weight 2kg. 30030-71000 (Sensor FY1) FY1 with 1m connection cable. Overrides thermostat in Ultraheat control panel. Truma Jack Plug for Ultraheat Technical Specification Current consumption at operating level 500w 1000w 2000w 2.2a 4.5a 8.5a Sensor 4mtr) 34000-71800 30030-70100 (Truma Ultraheat Element) Complete with connecting tables. TEB-3 Power Electronics TEB-3 Fan 41240-01 (12v) 34000-71900 (Cable for 40000-93400 TEB-3 Control Panel 40000-92800 (Integrated) TEB-3 12v Motor 40000-93600 Standard fan with integrated control panel and booster for installation in Truma S5004 or S3004. Truma Ignition Rod Safety Pilot Valve 30090-00141 30090-00040 30090-00043 For S3002 For S3004/5004. Gas Control Knob 30090-90400 For S3004/5004. Safety Pilot Valve 30090-91300 S3004 igniter kit Ignition Pipe cpl 30050-18700 Thermocouple For S3004/S5004. 1800/2000 Gas Valve 102441 For S3002/S5004. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 203