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ELECTRICAL ELECTRICAL 12v Lighting Magma Bunk Light Oval LED Ceiling Light 200PLG3X3BNA 01635T44097 (Halogen) 3 x 3w Power LED. 6 x 0,07w Blue LED. 01637T94097 (LED) Plastic with integral switch and frosted bulb. 12v/10w. DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS L160 x W100 x D40mm L340 x W125 x D40mm Bunk Light RIO Roof Light 025LS10SC 01633T906596 (Silver) 12v/12w. 3 step switch. 025LS12BD 030T15/18 - Replacement bulb suitable for 025LS12BA DIMENSIONS Ø260mm Coronet F2498 (Chrome) F2118 (Silver Sand) F2490 (Satin) F2018 (Silver Sand) Retail Packed Retail Packed LED20 3.5w. Retail Packed Bulk Packed 9w PL9 fluorescent. Crown F2146 (Satin) Retail Packed PL9. F2511 (Chrome) F2126 (Chrome) F2492 (Satin) F2026 (Chrome) Retail Packed Retail Packed Retail Packed Bulk Packed F2127 (Satin) LED20 3.5w. Retail Packed F2122 (Silver Sand) Retail Packed F2022 (Silver Sand) Bulk Packed PL9. DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS 222mm x 140mm x 45mm Ø217mm x 47mm FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 139