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ELECTRICAL ELECTRICAL NEBO NE6640 NE6639 The Redline V is a powerful 500 lumen flashlight, featuring OC optics. The Redline V is completely waterproof (IPX7) and is also equipped with a 4x zoom and 5 light modes (high, medium, low, defensive strobe & S.O.S.). MOQ16 The brightest Larry yet…The BIG Larry PRO features a high-power, 500 lumen C•O•B work light and red hazard flasher. Fully rechargeable and equipped with 2 magnetic charging stations, the BIG Larry PRO is ready to handle any task at any time. MOQ12 The Tango™ features 2 high-power light sources, a 250 lumen spot light and 750 lumen C•O•B work light. The Tango™ is fully rechargeable and also serves as a power bank for your USB powered devices. MOQ10 NE6694 The Big Cryket™ is a versatile 3-in-1 LED light, featuring a 300 lumen C•O•B work light, a bright 300 lumen spot light and a convenient 30 lumen red light. MOQ16 NE6706 The Slim is an ergonomic rechargeable pocket light that outputs 500 lumens of intense bright light, featuring a pocket clip, hanging hook and magnetic base. MOQ10 The NEBO BITBRITE™ is an innovative, useful C•O•B task light that outputs 40 lumens of bright light. Stored inside the BITBRITE™ are 3 magnetic bits: Phillips, Flat & Torx (T15). MOQ24 SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com The LEO™ is an amazingly versatile pocket light. Fully dimmable and equipped with Memory Power Setting, the LEO’s work light and spot light pivot and rotate to direct the light wherever you need it. NE6691 NE6666 NE6665 136 NE6657 The Rebel™ is a fully rechargeable task light that includes an adjustable head strap for use as a head lamp. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this powerful light rebels against its size with its impressive 600 lumen output. MOQ12 NE6437 The NEBO® CRYKET™ is a versatile 3-in-1 LED light, featuring a 240 lumen C•O•B work light, a bright 250 lumen spot light and an intense red light. Its unique swivel design allows the light’s head to rotate into a forward-facing light, perfect for various working conditions. The magnetic base and steel clip provide convenient hands-free lighting. MOQ16 OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com