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WATER Water Containers 20 Litre Water Container 010/2013 T5 57 Litre Fresh Water Tank A353 Ideal for campervans and specifically designed for the leisure industry. 20 litres. Drinking water safe. Food grade plastic. Reflects heat. Designed to fit internally. T5 29 Litre Waste Water Tank A354 Reimo T5 Water Container 60028 (12 Ltr) L:935 W:866 H:220 mm 60012 (16 Ltr) 60011 (13 Ltr) Closure according to DIN 96, with integrated handle, without lid. 13ltr 16ltr 4” Screw Inspection Cover 850007 12ltr Reimo Cap Ring 60016 20ltr Folding Wasteboy Filler Cap 600150 With seal. 600210 Supplied with hose and on/off valve. 2 handles to ease emptying CBE Waste Water Tank Screws 505000 - 2pk Reimo Dust Cap 60017 Nut in Bulkhead Fitting (Hose Connection Both Ends) 65028 65028L 5.5ltr Collapsible Water Carrier Elbow 10mm. For water removal from tanks and jerry cans for Ø10/12mm hose. 60111 5.5 litre concertina water carrier with rigid top and bottom. comes complete with on/off tap. complete top unscrews to give large opening for easy filling. Ø20 x H25/11cm FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 129