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WATER Truma Crystal & Ultraflow Non Return Valve – John Guest 40060-88000 Non Return Valve – Flexi 40060-90000 40060-96700 Connector bridge for use with Ultraflow filter housings if user wishes to use an outdoor shower (sold separately). 40060-88000PK 2pk Ultraflow Filter Housing Lid 40060-96100 (White) Replacement white lid for Ultraflow filter housing 46010-01. Ultraflow Compact Shower Kit 46070-01 (White) The compact shower kit allows anyone to retrofit a Truma shower system to the outside of their vehicle. Includes: 1 x Outdoor shower set 1 x Compact housing Ultraflow Compact Housing Lid 40060-97300 (White) Replacement white lid for Ultraflow compact housing 46030-01. Ultraflow Shower Set for Filter 46080-01 46070-02 (Ivory) Comes retail boxed. Connector Bridge Outdoor shower set for use with Ultraflow filter housings. The pistol grip for the outdoor shower simply plugs into the housing and is then ready to use. Comes with a hanging hook to avoid your shower dragging on the floor. Compact Lid 40060-34400 (White) Original (old style) replacement lid for Crystal 2 compact housings. Comes in a bag with retail header card. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 127