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WATER John Guest Water Fittings Bulkhead Connector 2-Way Divider PM1212E RM2312E PM1212EPK RM2312EPK (12mm tube) Pipe Cutter JGTS (12mm) (12mm tube. Pack of 2) (15mm) TSNIP (12mm) (12mm) 2pk Tank Connector CM0715S (For up to 22mm tube) Tube Cutter Hose Connector Emergency Shut Off Brass Chrome Plated Ball Valve NC448 15ESOT 10BV NC448PK 15ESOTPK 15BV (15mm – 1/2” barb) (15mm) (15mm – 1/2” barb. Pack of 2) (15mm. Pack of 2) (10mm) (15mm) 40060-99900 (12mm – 1/2” barb) Superseal Inserts Insert STS15 STS10 STS15PK TSM1209S (15mm) (15mm. Pack of 2) (12mm) John Guest Bent Tap Connector (2PK) PEMBTC1514PK (10mm) STS22 (22mm) FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 123