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WATER Water Fillers Water Filler with Magnetic Locking Water Filler Cap 01724T10599W (Black) 01722T22084 01724T10499W (Grey) 01722T20184 (With Zadi Housing) (With HSC Housing) Without cap. Fawo Water Filler Plastic Fawo Mains Water Inlet with Magnetic Lock 01622T64081E 01746T40499 - Grey 01622T64090W (White) 01724T10099W - White Short Version c/w Lock Cylinder & 2 keys Filler Cap & Keys Bullfinch Mains Water Inlet 6097 • Allows easy filling of water tanks • Pressure limiter reduces mains water pressure to prevent damage to internal piping and equipment installed • Fits universal hose connections •  Dual usage: water fill up from mains supply and from tank • Comes with air vents to release excess air during filling •  Simple installation – you will need a 60mm cutter. Bullfinch External Shower Point 01622T90281 (Black) 6088/01 (Shower Point) 01622T90290 (White) 6088/05 (Shower Point) Grey 6088D (Spare Shower Head, Hose and Connector) Ideal for outdoor showers, washing articles and pets and comes complete with a Shower head assembly (shower fitting, shower hose and swivel head) and fixing screws. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 119