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WATER Pumps & Strainers Submersible Pump TF10BB 10 litres/minute. Submersible Pump 0181360.79 0181720.77 12 litres/minute. 19 litres/minute. Reich Submersible Pump Easy Truma Pressure Switch APS01 513-0214SKM Replacement pressure switch for Truma water systems. Pumps 14 liters per minute - 12 Volt - Current consumption: 10-18 Watt Powerjet Plus Pump 25ltr 514-0725ESSKM Technical Details: Power 25l/min Max Press 2.1bar Current Consum 75W Cable Length 1000mm Comet Pump VIP Plus In Line 12v Pump Submersible Pump PowerJet 22L 514-0722ESSKM Technical Details : Power 18 l/min Max Press 1.8 bar Current Consum 70W Cable Lenght 1000 mm 62068 Comet Pump VIP Plus, 18 l/m, 1.1 bar, 35-45 Watt, 245mm Height Ø38mm pump Ø10mm connection . Pump 511-0412SKM - 12ltr 514-0418ESKM - 18ltr Technical Details: Power 12l/min Max Press 0.6 - 0.9 bar Current Consum 10-18W Cable Length 1000mm Submersible Pump 10ltr 514-0110SKM Technical Details: Power 10l/min Max Press 0.5bar Current Consum 10-18W Cable Length 1000mm Thetford SC500 Pump 90714 SC263SWE Pump 93435 Inlet Hose 46340-51 The Ultraflow inlet hose is for use when vehicles have an onboard pump fitted. The assembly has a strainer on one end that is submerged in the external water container. Comes bagged and retail header carded. Ultraflow Water Pump 46040-01 (800mm) The Ultraflow pump assembly enables you to pump water into your vehicle from an external container. Compatible for both filter and compact housings. 9 litres per/min submersible pump. Comes bagged and retail header carded. Ezeey Water Pump Holder WPAH-01 The Ezeey™ Water Pump Holder is a hygienic way to hold your pump assembly off the ground whilst refilling your fresh water container. Manufactured in the UK it is a product developed by a caravanner for caravanner’s. This is a fantastic, non permanent solution to an everyday problem. Made in the UK. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 117