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WATER Aquaroll & Wastemaster Accessories Aquaroll Tyre Wastemaster Superclean 40TY (40 Litre) WMSU Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Hose Replacement Connectors Wastemaster Luggage Elastics WMLE Specially formulated product suitable for cleaning your Wastemaster. One 250ml bottle makes 30 litres, enough to thoroughly clean a Wastemaster twice. Box of 20. 2 per pack. 40MARC The kit contains the complete set of replacement mains adaptor connectors. The official Aquaroll replacement tyre is suitable for 40-litre Aquarolls manufactured after 1992. Please note these items are sold individually. Aquaroll Mains Adaptor Extension Hose Replacement Connectors Aquaroll Mains Adaptor 40MA Designed to give caravans the benefit of running water when mains supply is available. Can be used with any caravan, with no expensive alterations needed. Easy to fit when a threaded tap is available on site. Approx 20 litres of water is held in the Aquaroll if the mains supply is affected. As there is no mains pressure inside the caravan the danger of flooding is eliminated. 40EHRC The kit contains the complete set of replacement mains adaptor connectors. Includes: • Easy to fit ball valve with strong storage box • 7.5 metres of food quality hose •  threaded tap connector, 3/4” threaded tap connector, 1/2” snap-on tap connector • Snap-on stop connector to ball valve. Mains Adapter Ball Valve WW Wastemaster Axle & Hub Caps WMAX Suitable for 40 litre Aquaroll the valve kit is an economical way to enjoy the benefits of a continuous supply of fresh water to your caravan. The ball valve is the ideal accessory for controlling the water flow within your 40 litre Aquaroll. This simple device is easy to fit - it screws into the side of your water container. The replacement axle and hub cap set is suitable for use with any F L Hitchman Wastemaster. Each kit contains 1 replacement axle and 2 complete hub cap sets. Aquaroll Extension Hose 40 Litre 40MAEH For Aquaroll mains adaptor. 7.5 metres of quality hose, complete with snap- on fittings, designed to fit between tap and mains adaptor. FOR A MORE COMPLETE LISTING PLEASE LOG ONTO OUR PORTAL: www.miriad-products.com/online-catalogue 101