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FT 40ST ( 40 Litre) 4080PC (40 Litre) Aquaroll filler tube is suitable for use with the 29 and 40 litre Aquarolls. This item allows the user to fill their Aquaroll with fresh water from the mains with ease. For those not using a submersible pump, the Aquaroll Pump Connection is a useful accessory. The pump connection interchanges with the filler cap and takes the standard 19mm bore hose from the caravan pump. The hose is pushed down to the stop inside the white tube and is thus held in position, just clear of the bottom of the container. Aquaroll Replacement Handle HA 80TA The Aquaroll handle is supplied in three easy to assemble pieces and is made from aluminum and can be easily attached to 29 or 40 litre Aquarolls manufactured after 1992. 100 100 Aquaroll 80mm Tap The Aquaroll tap easily screws into the end cap of the Aquaroll, allowing campers to dispense water with no hassle. Please note this item is not suitable for the 29 or 40 litre Aquarolls manufactured before 1992.The Aquaroll tap can be used in conjunction with an Aquaroll stand. SALES HOTLINE: 01283 586060 sales@miriad-products.com The stand and tap is designed for camping, etc, and is available for both models. No need to lift the Aquaroll when full – simply lever it over on to the stand. Aquaroll and Wastemaster 80mm Cap Straps 80ST Aquaroll and Wastemaster 80mm Cap 80CA The pair of 2 x 80mm retaining straps are suitable for the 29 and 40 litre Aquarolls manufactured after 1992, these are also suitable for all Wastemasters. The 80mm replacement caps are suitable for the post 1992 Aquarolls and all Wastemasters. Each replacement filler cap measures 80mm in diameter and is supplied with pip and restraining strap. OEM HOTLINE: 01283 586007 oemsales@miriad-products.com