Edge of Faith May 2017 - Page 8

THE SPACES B E T W E E N HOW DOES OUR ENVIRONMENT AFFECT OUR SPIRITUAL LIVES? Interview with Eric Jacobsen. We began in the garden and now we are in urban jungles. What do we need to know to help us navigate the spaces between the cre- ated world and the built world. As the saying goes … “Stop and smell the roses”. Enter into this conversation with AOF and the Reverend Eric O. Jacobsen as they discuss these topics presented in his book, “The Spaces Between”. AOF: Eric, thanks for being with us tonight. JACOBSON: Sure. I have to say before I start the interview that I read “The Space Between” and it’s a great read. I found it very 8 • The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com thoughtful and well laid out, and what I really liked about it is that it makes you stop, look around, and then think. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for writing it. I appreciate it. Who would you say is the primary audience for this book? I think I was writing for thoughtful Christians; ones that think about their faith and some of the wider implications of their faith. In particular, those that may also be suspi- cious that we’ve been missing a few important questions along the way. Maybe especially those that think that when Jesus tells us to love our neighbors, He might mean the people that live next door to us. When Jeremiah told the exiled to seek the welfare of the city, we might be included in that audience, and take that to mean that we should care about the spaces outside of our front doors a little bit. Folks that are interested in those kinds of questions were on my mind when I wrote “The Space Between.” Could you explain to the audience what “the space between” is, and why it would be important enough to write a book about it? “The Space Between” is a pretty lit- eral title, because the book is really about the space between the build- ings, in particular, that make up our landscape. We don’t give a ton of thought to that space, other than as a kind of empty corridor for get- ting our cars from point A to point B, but traditionally that space was the public realm. People used that space for recreation and for social interac- tion and for developing relationships with people that would live near them. The book is really about trying to draw our attention to those spaces When we walk, I think we experience the world more fully with all of our senses. We see fine detail, we hear conversations or sing- ing, we smell the smell of spring coming” The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com • 9