Edge of Faith May 2017 - Page 74

Who We Are – triptych 20x20 each; handmade paper; newspaper fragments, acrylic on canvas Karen Tamminga-Paton www.tammingapaton.com In as much as these pieces seem to contradict each another, they are two sides of the same coin – the silent canoe con- trasted by the devastating newspaper image of stacked skulls from the Rwandan genocide. Central to this piece is the creative act. Where the fingers of Creator and Creature touch, as depicted by the central collaged Michelangelo piece, is an intensely profound reality. It’s where I want to be, as a person who lives on this globe where the horrible and the beautiful play themselves out on a daily basis. As an artist I seek beauty. It nurtures courage and meaning. Rather than feel guilty about it, I want to revel in it, be filled by it, reflect it. Even in the face of anguish. For there, in that place of intense vulnerability, to see with new eyes can determine whether you stay in tact to live out your destiny, or not. 74 • The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com • 75