Edge of Faith May 2017 - Page 68

Milwaukee Heist This is a narrative sculpture of a stolen car heist that went bad in Milwaukee. On the left describes the joy of the heist. In the middle is a representation of Deandre Smith who was thrown out of the car in an accident behind my studio. This was his second accident in three days. The second concussion killed him. On the right is a description of his friends who crawled out of the upside down car and split. Homeboys Flying Dying This narrative memorializes the deaths among young urban teens in Milwaukee who have died driving stolen cars. My neighbor’s son revealed that six of his teenage friends had already died in stolen cars. 8000 cars were stolen in Milwaukee last year. This epidemic of car theft reveals deep issues in the urban community and with the public school system that can no longer provide an “interesting” education for Milwaukee’s youth. Add in the scarcity of jobs for young and old alike and Milwaukee has a volatile mix- ture that promotes criminal activity. 68 • The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com • 69