Edge of Faith May 2017 - Page 58

A ccording to Soong-Chan’s research the American church is sorely lacking in a key element to the Christian Faith … Lament. This is a concept that is foreign to most Christians in the US, so he may be right. Read on as we talk with him about his story and research, then come to your own conclusion. AOF: As I was reading your book I noticed that it is part of a series, or will be part of a series called the Resonate Series. Could you tell the audience a little bit about the series before we dive into the book? Lame Man Leaping 58 • The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com RAH: Sure. It’s a commentary series that tries to integrate what I hope is sound exegesis along with cul GW&FVv6&VfV7FFW&P&RV&W"b6VF&W2WBFW&RF@&R7WW&"B&fFrFR7G&rWVvWF6v&FB2VVFVBf"&&R7GVFW2Bf 6W&&WWF2F26W&W22&VǒG'rFvWfVFW"7FWgW'FW"'F7V&ǒFR&Vb667VGW&VvvVVBFW&P&RvrF&RFffW&VB&2bFR&&Rखג66RFB6VF'FR&`VFF2&V6W6RB26V"FFPWVvWF6v&FB2VVFVB'WB6FR@FFRWB7FWF6( ĆW&^( 26Rv2vP6ǒF2FWBFW"7VGW&R( F26V@&R6Rg&W6FW&FBVRfR@V6VFW&VB&Vf&RBǒv2BWVvW62Bǒv2BFWGVv&'WB&VǒG'pFF波( vBFW2VFF2fRF6FR'BbfFvR( "wwrfr6( "S