Edge of Faith May 2017 - Page 18

Sure. Well, obviously the special rev- elation of Scripture continues to be the norming-norm by which we guide our life. If you look into Scripture, you’ll find plenty of instances where God was speaking through unlikely Into the Dark means. God communicated to people through dreams, through talking don- keys. Why would God not communi- cate through a talking donkey like Jim Carey in a film like “Bruce Almighty”? It also says in Scriptures that if we are not necessarily doing our job, the stones will cry out. What are some of the most unlikely “stones” in contem- porary culture? I suggest that may be Hollywood. Nobody is looking to Hollywood for spiritual wisdom, but nobody was necessarily looking to King Nebuchadnezzar to be an agent of God’s teaching, training, correction back with Israel and ancient Babylon. I always understood in reviewing Scripture that God has always used unlikely people, and sometimes very unlikely means, to communicate with a sometimes hardheaded people. I have found God sneaking up on me in cinema while I am laughing CRAIG DETWEILER Direct revelation is between God and man, such as the revelation of the Bible.  General revelation is knowledge about God or spiritual things. 18 • The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com maybe at “Bruce Almighty.” I suddenly a little bit about “Into the Dark”. logical categories to explain a lot of am thinking about the ways in which people’s experience of cinema. I am trying to play God in my own The book began out of my own l