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was to jump in your car and drive places even if you could walk there. We found that just by walking places, we were sort of being culturally radi- cal. People were like, “How did you get here? You walked?” and we said, “Yeah, it’s only three blocks — we walked here.” After a time, our neigh- bors started walking with us. We had to retrain our thinking to take advan- tage of these places. There were a few things we had to do to make it work. We were bicycling as a family. Our school was only about a mile away, so on the first day of school I took my daughter to ride to school because in Montana we always rode to school. Lots of kids did. But here, in LA, it is a school of 1,200 kids and we showed up and didn’t see any bike racks. We asked the principal where the bike racks were. She just laughed at us and she said, “Well, your daugh- ter can just put her bike in my office.” We continued riding. Over time our neighbor started riding with us. We found that you could ride there faster than drive because you didn’t have to park on the streets and all that. By the time we left, we were just there three years, there were three bike racks there crowded with bikes and lots of our neighbors were in the habit of biking to school. So some of that is just retraining people to do what is kind of enjoyable and some- times easier to do. And healthier. Yeah. That’s great to get everybody out and about. Healthy unless you get hit by a car — we did also have to learn some tricks for taking certain streets that were less busy or what-not. 16 • The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com People aren’t looking for bicycles either. Not generally, but there are more now. You’ll notice that throughout the country people are bicycling more. The interesting thing about bicycling that I discovered, I think I mentioned this in “Sidewalks”, is the more people bicycle, the safer it is for everybody. When there are lots of bicycles around not only are the bicy- clists safer, because the automobile drivers are expecting to be a little bit surprised by bicyclists, they are driv- ing safer more generally and so there are less automobile accidents. There are less pedestrian accidents. There are less bicyclist accidents when there are lots of bicyclists around. You’ll notice that New York City has put all sorts of bike lanes in, San Francisco has bike lanes; people are starting to move back in this direc- tion, which I think is very exciting. I kind of experienced the same rev- elation when a year or so ago, I started exercising by taking my dog for a walk every morning. That has become my absolute favorite time of the entire day, because I run into all the other people who are walking their dogs and I’ve learned who a lot of the people are in my neighbor- hood. I don’t mean my block, but the entire neighborhood because you are out walking and you get engaged. I didn’t think about it until I started reading your book. all complaining, “Oh, it’s raining,” or “this weather doesn’t feel like spring,” but what they didn’t notice is there are tiny buds forming at the ends of the trees. It is all these little imper- ceivable things happening that you wouldn’t see from a car. All over the place. Again, as a sort of embodied creature made by a loving God, I treat those as occasions of being aware of the gift of time that He’s given us and living in light of that. Nashville, TN (April 18, 2017) – Grammy winner Jason Crabb continues to inspire and teach young children through the incredibly popular Jase® children's book series. With the release of the latest book, The 6th "Be Attitude," the journey continues through the ten commandments told through the adventures of "Jase® the Crabb," an adorable friend to all children. The entire Jase® Series is available at www.JaseCrabb.com and at your local Christian bookstore through New Day Christian Distributors. It is a wonderful thing. Being in Colorado, I don’t think I walk the dog ever without looking at the moun- tains thinking, “Wow, I live here.” But, I don’t notice that as much when I am driving. Yeah. So, you have to stop and smell the creation of God. Thank you once again for taking the time to talk about “The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment”, it’s an awesome book and I suggest that everybody read it. Thanks, Michael. Enjoyed talking to you. I wonder if you noticed all of what I have, because I have similar experi- ences with the times I get to, the patterns that I develop that involve me walking. I wonder if in addi- tion to noticing your neighbors, you noticed the seasons more. I’m so much more aware of spring coming as a walker, than most of my friends that aren’t walkers because they’re The Art of Faith Magazine • www.aofmag.com • 17