Edge of Faith March 2017 - Page 64

set up a learning center and the girls begin to learn about God’s heart for their dignity and their future. There again is the equipping and empowering side. Of that group, we train about eighty in vocational training, sewing schools and such, along side Syrian Christian refugee women. Just think about how empowering that would be to a refugee teen — that a refugee women is her trainer and her example and of course a beautiful Christian. We have had graduates of that program already set up businesses in their tents. So, whatever, however long it takes for them to find a real home and placement there are economies inside these settlements and camps. People are buying things and selling to each other and marrying and you know, making a way forward, just to survive. So, we can utilize that particular system. Again, it’s not that different from going into an impoverished village where there seem to be few resources and a lot of needs, we do the same here; ask, “what are the available resources and needs?” and give these girls the sense that they are working towards something that they are not going to be living there forever, and it just, of course, changes their thinking entirely so that they do not feel hopeless and give up on life altogether, of course.

Well, guys, I want to thank you for both the interview and for what you do. Thanks for sharing with us.

Kay: Thank you for allowing us to be with you and to share with others. Thank you.

Michelle: Thank you Michael, really, really appreciate it. I didn’t know if you want me to just give you a little information about the Life for Lent Initiative?

Sure, absolutely.

Michelle: So, it is basically capturing that time when some of us give up on certain luxuries in our lives so that we can really focus our hearts towards Easter. We have a two minute video called "Give Life for Lent" and people can view that and then sign up to participate, it takes about thirty dollars for each girl that we prevent, rescue, or restore, each month. So, a six-week focus on these girls can mean that we actually capture that time and from our simple privations, give somebody else a whole new life. People can go to SheIsSafe.org to find out about that or call us toll free at 877-552-1402.

Perfect. I hope that is very successful, and once again, thank you guys.

[both] Thank you!

Michelle: God bless you!