Edge of Faith March 2017 - Page 63

compound nearby where should never, never be allowed. We have to make sure that people know that these atrocities happen and that we can have a voice.

Right, absolutely and, I guess, it is not newsworthy, I am not sure, but the stories that they show about some of the refugee crisis, I am sure are true in a lot of instances where there is, you know, troubles. But, what they don’t show is what people go through.

Kay: Yeah.

I heard the other day the stats on refugees just trying to get across the Mediterranean. That sometimes, as many people as seven hundred in a day will die.

Kay: That’s right, that’s right. Those things should be known.

Right. Absolutely. So, Michelle, your thoughts?

Michelle: Well of course, there are about eleven million Syrians who have been displaced fleeing to neighboring countries if they can and others are just hiding out. About 5 million in Turkey and 11 million in Jordan and Egypt, according to Amnesty International. And of that number, only about 224,000 have been set on resettlement pathways. So there is just this immense gap of vulnerability and often the refugees

are squatters — they are not in official camps, they are just present and what that means is the children cannot go to school and they are very vulnerable with law enforcement and protection. So whatever terrible thing was already happening for women and girls in their country, once they are displaced, there is a whole new level of risk in their lives. So, for She Is Safe, we want to dive right into the camps — official or unofficial — with the local Christians that are right there nearby and begin extending the hand of Christ. For us, we found those most vulnerable in the settlements are the teen girls. The mothers — generally it is women and children, although there are men as well, but — often it is a mother with children that has been displaced. She’s grieving all of her losses and terrified that her daughter will go outside of the tent and be abducted or assaulted and therefore no longer a worthy candidate for marriage. So the girls are clustered in the tents and there is a very high rate of suicide for these teen girls. So we have been able to bring about six hundred out. We literally transport them onto a church compound nearby where we have

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