Edge of Faith March 2017 - Page 55

AOF: Michelle and Kate, thank you so much for talking with us today. How are you?

Kate: Just great

Michelle: Very good, our privilege to be here.

Great, great so, Michelle, maybe we could start with you. Maybe you could tell us a little bit about your ministry, She Is Safe?

Michelle: Well, I would be delighted to. She Is Safe prevents, rescues, and restores about fifteen thousand women and girls from abuse and slavery each year in high risk places across the globe. We equip them to build lives of freedom and faith for a strong future. Our eyes are really on this next generation of little girls; that they would have their fair opportunity of our programs of prevention and restoration [which] are based on the foundation of economic improvement with education and then teaching families and communities new ways of valuing those most vulnerable girls. We founded in 2002 and focused on places of extreme risk for women and girls. We are in the busiest human trafficking corridor in the world. We are in communities where there are literally no girls over the age of twelve, because they have all been sold. We are in red light districts, border slums, garbage dump communities, refugee camps, and we rescue by having local teams present in high risk communities and come along side victims or those who are most vulnerable to being victimized, to offer pathways to freedom and a different kind of life. The way we can get so much done is because we partner with women at the indigenous church who grew up with these injustices and have transcended with God’s help and now run programs. So, She Is Safe provides worker training, ongoing coaching, financial support for workers, for safe homes and advocacy, and then we have our own proprietary programs for training self help groups of women, we train about seven hundred new trainees or possible coworkers each year and then those women multiply the numbers of groups of women that they can equip with literacy-loaned new life, and then anti-trafficking information, and then the economic empowerment to have all kinds of great alternatives.

Wow, that’s a lot. It is terrible that we have to have a ministry for that, but I am thankful that you have stepped up to fill some of that gap. So Kay, I know you are a professional speaker, as I guess you have written a few books, I believe it is 39?

Kay: Actually, it is 42, but who’s counting?

Oh my gosh! So tell us a little bit about your writing.

Kay: Well, I do writing in a lot of different areas. I have a lot of different things; everything from curriculum for children for Sunday school, to writing for special magazines and so forth, but, my heart is really in writing about these kinds of issues, that should really compel, we as Christians, to be active and working on behalf of those who are helpless and needy among us. So, that’s what my most important element is. But, I also do even fiction and other things like that. I am working on a fiction book right now. So, it is fun to do a lot of different types of writing at once. Then you don’t get tired of doing any one thing.