Edge of Faith March 2017 - Page 41

Return to Innocence

I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that the brokenness, discontinuities and contradictions that we face daily might actually conceal a hidden harmony. My artistic practice is a search for that hidden harmony. It seeks to find spiritual and universal truths found in physical objects and/or life’s circumstances. I've found that what takes place in that spiritual space will eventually manifest itself into the physical world, while the physical world can shed light into and shape the spiritual reality. My work seeks to explore the relationship between the two. Its roots are in Biblical Themes, Philosophy, and Physics. As society is moving more and more into the realm of "virtual reality" due to technological advancement, my work asks questions regarding the nature of reality and deals with perception, time, limits, and abstraction. How much of our reality is shaped by the limits we create and how much by the limits that were created for us? When do limits protect us and when do they leave us longing for more? Process is very important to the work and essentially it is a hybrid of mixed medium and slow, contemplative study. Materials are selected because of their innate qualities.

- Kelly Shehan Hazime