Edge of Faith March 2017 - Page 35

was deafening. At this point Sara was convinced she was going to die and two thoughts went through her head. One was that she was very sad for her husband, her family and all those she would leave behind. The other was that hers had been a life worth living, a life that made a difference.

Sara miraculously survived the earthquake that killed more than 10,000 people, leaving more than 100,000 children without homes, and completely destroying the Base Camp. Unlike most of the climbers who attempt Everest for personal glory, this woman was risking her life in order to bring greater attention to the thousands of girls in Nepal who are trafficked into sex slavery or forced into early marriage. While grateful to have survived the earthquake, Sara was miffed that after so many hard years of training, she had not made her goal to reach the top of Everest and the media interest she felt that would have brought to her cause. However, God has a better plan for Sara. The fact that she had survived the earthquake brought even more attention to her cause than if she had reached the top of Everest and empowered her to raise even more money than she had originally planned.

Sara Safari continues to be an advocate for social justice around the world. She fights for women’s rights and has received the Global Citizenship Award for her outstanding work with Empower Nepali Girls. Her inspirational book about her life changing experience, spiritual redemption and a search for social justice is called "Follow My Footsteps". She is donating all the profits to "Empower Nepali Girls".