Edge of Faith March 2017 - Page 33

That is wonderful. It is also wonderful that you are willing to help them and that they have you in their corner. So, the next question, do you plan on trying to climb again?

Well, I didn’t summit Everest, but I summited a taller mountain, which was the mountain of bringing education for the girls in Nepal. I feel like that was my mission, and I accomplished that. But, climbing in general and any other mountains — I love nature. I always get to learn more about myself and reflect on my own life every time I am in nature. Of course, I am going to go back to climbing. I enjoying being in nature, being out there, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and challenging myself.

Fantastic. Well, I just wanted to thank you again for coming on and sharing your experiences. It is something to hear. I hope that your book does very well, once again, “Follow My Footsteps” and that it does inspire others to not be afraid to do something to help the situation around the world.

Thank you. And also, the book is available on Amazon, the eBook is available on Amazon and all the profits go to Empower Nepali Girls.

Wonderful, well thank you so much.

Thank you! Thanks a lot.