Edge of Faith March 2017 - Page 16

“I am telling you this because we can do something.” about it”

what really … the tide changes. You needed both those like the William Wilberforce and those that were speaking at the abolitionist speaking circuits, but you needed people funding that, you needed people following those and that requires the masses, the

boycotting of slave-produced sugar, you needed the masses to follow and also do their part or it would have just been a couple of leaders up from just saying this is what we are supposed to do. It did take the average ordinary person to acknowledge there was a problem and do something about it.

Right … and you know, you would think just being educated on it would be all you need for people to stand up and start moving. But you know, I was really moved when I read the book a few weeks back and, maybe you have experienced this too, but I began to start spitting out all the stats and things you informed me about in the book, but I was talking to this one person who had this blank look and they stated, “That is so painful”.


And they replied, “I can’t look at that”. So, I informed them, but instead of action, they are like, I have to turn away, because I can’t even look.

Yeah, yeah … people say I can’t stomach it, that is too much. And I think that it’s, I think it is such a fine line to push people to really see …this is reality, being compassionate about their feelings, but I think we do need to keep pushing the conversation and keep pointing to what is really going on in our world. But it has to, I think, be balanced with hope, like I am telling you this because there is something we can do about it rather than telling you this to be sad, I am telling you this because this is happening in our neighborhoods, as well as around the world and there is something we can do and we have to be okay that it's not a, send your twenty bucks, snap your fingers and it is all goes away, it's like most of life, right, it’s messy and it requires perseverance, but it requires something. It requires us to know and to keeping pushing through that … I guess paralyzing despair that I think people get when they first hear and they plug their ears and say, “Don’t tell me, that’s too much”. But it's not too much, they need to hear it, but it needs to be, I think in balance with, “I am telling you this because we can do something about it”.

That is absolutely what we have to do, and you just keep going, right, until something happens?

Yeah, and I think for those that are first kind of stepping out and talking about it or wanting to have a conversation with their friends about it, there is definitely, I mean I definitely experienced it myself, there’s a little bit … there is some risk. When I first got motivated, people probably think, you that … blank, like your crazy look,and I