Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 9

We acquired 3,000 acres of land for the Mbuti Pygmies, who are the “least of these” in their country. and forgotten so why don’t you share a little bit about your mission. The mission of Fight for the Forgotten, at least ini- tially, was to defend the weak and love the unloved and empower the voiceless. And our vision state- ment was overcoming oppression with over- whelming opportunity. So, just going into places where most people believe they just need to give charity, a bunch of handouts, but we wanted to go in there and give them a hand UP, and to give them an opportunity to come out of their poverty and to find a relationship to God through that. I would say that the mission of Water4,  which we are in an initiative underneath, empowers us,  as they are putting the solution into the hands of the people who need it the most. They say that opportunity is greater than charity and so we are very like-minded in that, before we ever crossed paths. That was what God really impressed and implanted into our hearts as organizations as ministries and missionaries. We started off in the Democratic Republic of Congo doing land, water, and food initiatives. We acquired 3,000 acres of land for the Mbuti Pygmies, who are the “least of these” in their country. They were the first people there, but have basically zero rights. They had no land rights of their own until we were able to work with the local, state and national government to get those back to them. And then we empowered the locals to be the change in their own country, their own community, culture, and context and really allowed them to stand up on their own two feet and then fly and to go deeper into it so that they can be the hands and feet of Christ in their own community. They are going to be able to reach their people better than someone else who just flies in and flies out and doesn’t know that language or doesn’t know the struggles. They are going to have more of a passion for the world’s water crisis than we are, who have always had clean water. So, if you empower those people and see them as completely capable and able, amaz- ing things can happen because you just invest in them. Kind of like Jesus. Jesus invested in people that got overlooked. The fishermen, the people that didn’t have much. Other people didn’t have much hope in them or saw them as helpless. I think God is always contending and fighting for the best possible good in every circumstance in people’s lives. That’s what he wants and that’s what He fights for and I think that is agape love. It is contending for the best possible good and love in that situation. Jesus didn’t look at those people, the disciples, as helpless; he just looked at them in a way of how could he help them the most. So that’s what we wanted to do with the Pygmies. They are not helpless, they just needed an oppor-