Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 8

The easy answer is that I don’t think that a human being can be fulfilled without a relationship with God, who created them. That was me. I had all my hopes and dreams, and my childhood dream became a reality.  But it quickly turned into a living nightmare that I couldn’t even wake up from when I became a depressed, drunk, drug addict. And then even that was ripped away from me.  I was kicked off my training team, one of the best fight teams in the world with a really great reputation of producing cham- pions. Champions in the sport several times with many different guys all defending their belts. I was the youngest guy with them; twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, but hit rock bottom and got a voicemail one day after a six to eight week long drug binge where I was hitchhiking through the mountains of Colorado. On the voicemail a voice said, “I can’t believe y ou missed my wedding. I can’t believe my best man didn’t show up.” It was my best friend at that time and I just completely let him down and left this dark cloud over his most special day. I was just a messed-up dude. I was messing up all my relationships and breaking them all. I was just a hurt dude that was hurting people. It wasn’t until Christ came into my life which was, as we are doing this interview, six years, eleven months, and six days ago, that I tapped out; that I gave up which, as a fighter, you think that ends in defeat, but this was the one time it ended in victory. And that was committing my life to THE ultimate fighter, which was Jesus who fought the perfect fight; who lived the perfect life and invited us in on that victory with him. That’s fantastic. We are all fall- en and I guess we have to get to that spot, and it’s a differ- ent spot for all of us, but you can see where it’s humbling because it’s our egos that stop us from submitting to God. You’ve dedicated your life to God and helping the helpless