Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 58

v iew on, or a story about, poverty of spirit or whatever those things look like. It became very col- laborative so I knew that the record also needs to be a collabo- ration and a concept. I started to ask my friends in the industry, “Would you write a song with me?” John Mark McMillan, for instance, was one of the first. He said, “Yea, love to do that.” And All Sons & Daughters; I’ve been working with them over a few years and that was an easy ask. And Anthony Skinner, who was in town; those were the first three artists that I wrote with for the project but as it went on, I had a random coffee with Amy Grant, who is such a superstar and such a brilliant human being, and she was intrigued by it a n d asked how can she help and I said, “Would you write a song?” And she said, “Yes,” and I was just stunned with her saying that so quickly. As time went on, I met this woman that had been on death row. I said to Amy, “Hey, how about we write a mercy song based on this woman’s story?” What does mercy look like to someone who is guilty of a crime and has had her sentence commuted? Amy wrote that song with me. As it has gone on, it is like one story and one artist after another.  You have something like 90 different art- ists between the album and the book and a movie coming out as well.