Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 57

are at the bottom of life rather than them being about attain- ing a blessing, what if the bless- ing is actually present when we are at rock bottom and in those moments where there is grief, where there is loss. Where our spirits are crushed when the power has been taken away from us and we don’t know what to do and there is failure, lack and longing. That began to come alive to me in some differ- ent ways. I thought, “I’d really like to explore those thoughts.” I had a conversation with a cou- ple people around town. One was Jimmy Abegg and my friend Rabbi Joseph Edelheit, amongst others.  Word got around about these conversations and that’s when a book publisher, a guy called Don Pape, contacted me and asked me, “Have you ever thought about writing some of this down and writing a book?” I was lik K8'ˈx&[HHZ]\^Y\H۸&]ۛܚ]HH˸'H]HZY 8'\[\K[[HO'HH\Yܚ[]\X^XH]H܈^YX\YۂYH[[YHYX\˂]]Y܈YH]][ \]]XYHYH]YHو^HܞH[HX[^Y]\\˜X]Xܘ][ۈ[[][]K]HYX[H]\][HܞHوHX]]Y\[B^H]H\\ݙ\[[[][KHY]YHو^HܞH[[\Y]H]\›Y\HZHY[ۙH\Y[ۈX]ˈ]\ݙ\Hو\]ZHH[[ۋBZ\Hۈ[Y]\[\Y[ۙH\[^[YHݙ\HY]\HH[]ܝ\\\]]HXH܈[\\و\XH[Y[\ۙ\]\]ZHBHXX[XZ\[HZYHوHۙXۙHZHH\ܘY[H[\[X[ۙXHXXY][NœYHو[HHY&]ۛ][ YHو[HHXXY]ۈ]\[HXYH[ZY]^H\H[YYYHHYXKYHو\H[HY&]]HH\X[Z]][0Y