Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 40

UFC Audio Drama Bread of the Servant Water Needs in Africa Baptismal Imagery Beatitudes BAPTISMAL IMAGERY IN EARLY CHRISTIANITY: RITUAL, VISUAL, AND THEOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS Journey to the the first century church as we talk with Robin Jensen on her book, “Baptismal Imagery in Early Christianity”. Robin shares her research on the art, history and cultural significance of baptismal fonts in the first century Christian church. EOF: Let’s start with the basics. Perhaps you could tell the readers a little bit about the book and whom should be its primary readers. JENSEN: This is a book that I think was written for a pretty broad audience, although I have to say it may stretch some people a little further than others and initially I had intended it to be a kind of book that was more devotional and catechetical. I think I got myself going on it and I got deeper and deeper