Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 4

the gift of clean water. Our hope is that you are also reminded daily of the spiritual riches contained in the scriptural record’s many references to water, its sources and its forms—especially as they find their culmination in Jesus Christ. “We drink water to nourish our bodies. We drink the wine of communion to nourish our spirits, and vR&R&FVBvFvFW"27&bG&6f&FB&VFVFW7B26&7BG&6f&V@vFW"FvRF&VvFR7&72RG&6f&VB2ƖfV&BF6V6r&VFVFfRƗfpvFW"( W&6&&R66WGvRRFBR&RVGV6FVBW&6VBB&Vg&W6VBF&VvF277VRb'BbfFvRvR&FBRv6&RfVBFfBv2FV&Rv&66W72F6fRvFW"B6Fp6&RFRv7VbFRƗfrvFW"F&VvW7W26&7B( ĆRvVBFVFfVF2bƗfrvFW"BvBvvRvWfW'FV"g&FV"WW2( &WfVFsr