Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 36

of about 1,530 people per square kilometer) is now left with less than 11% water remaining. Apparently the drought is the result of an El Nino weather phenomenon, climate change, and a high pressure system off the western seaboard, but the water shortage itself has many different causes, one of which is uncontrolled population expansion over recent years. According to some statisticians, the six dams that provide water to the city can only produce enough water for just over 1 million people. Cape Town is now at 3.7 million and those are only the documented peo- ple who live in the area. We know that there are at least another million undocumented immi- grants who have come down from the north seeking a better life, often together with their livestock. So, what have the authorities done? They have declared the drought to be the worst since the drought in 1904. They are drilling boreholes to serve key points such as hospitals, clinics, schools and other high-risk points. They have imposed level four restrictions on water usage, which limits residents to 22 gallons of water per day, plus all tariffs will be increased. They have a mobile desalinization plant.