Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 34

His love, so that they might love Him too. Its like a heavenly game of multiplication. This issue of AoF is about the need for clean water. I know you have a lot of expe- rience in this area. Perhaps you could talk about the water needs in your last mission in Gambela and a couple of the redemp- tive stories while you were there? Giving my life for others involves more than just speaking about God, it also involves demonstrat- ing His love for people. Jesus came preaching the Gospel, but He also went about healing the sick and doing good things, even if only to help a bridegroom save face at his wedding. So even though most of my ministry involves some form of teaching, we will also often find ourselves helping people on more practical levels. My wife, Louise, is a Registered Nurse with various quali- fications ranging from midwifery, to gerontology, to nursing administration. In our previous post- ing in Gambela, Louise worked together with a doctor to help especially the women, many of whom were South Sudanese refugees, to provide for their families. As prevention is always better than cure, much of this ministry focussed on nutrition, basic hygiene, and water purification. One of the top causes of death in Africa is diarrhea and vom- iting; more often than not caused by a lack of clean drinking water or clean food containers or utensils. But money is often scarce, so we did not want to teach people to do things they would not be able to afford or sustain. Also, trying to get equipment into some countries is a logistical nightmare often involving some form of bribe or outrageous import duties or tariffs. So we tried to use what was readily available, such as clear plastic bottles that had been discarded along the