Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 33

everything.” God loves me… but not just me. Anglican roots. Her grandfather came out to South Africa in the late 1800’s as a SPG (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel) Missionary. My father came from a nominal Dutch Reformed back- ground, but our home could not be described as Christian. I was a rather troubled and restless teenager and had begun to adopt a lifestyle that would have destroyed me had a close friend not become a follower of Jesus. Georine was not one to take no for an answer and dragged me along to a Youth for Christ rally where the love of Christ for me was clearly proclaimed. I remember bargaining with God that night. I didn’t really fully under- stand the Gospel in its entirety. I did not under- stand much about original sin and the need for redemption and repentance. But I did under- stand that this God claimed to love me. So I bar- gained with Him. “God if You are able to change my life, if You are able to turn this mess around and help me live a meaningful life, I will give You I can’t explain what God did at that moment, but I do remember waking up the next morning a changed young man. I suddenly wanted to live for something greater than just myself, or should I say, Someone greater than myself. For the first time in my life, I felt that I had a purpose and a reason to live in this world. I didn’t have a clue of where to start, but as many of the folks around me were from Youth With a Mission, I decided to join them. At first my family was horrified. They really thought I had gone around the twist this time. My brother said this trip would not last long, but he was wrong. This time was different. This time I had a real, living, Person by my side helping me make the right choices and changes. For the first time in my life, I knew that I was not alone. So, this gives you an idea of what ministry means to me. God loves me…but not just me. He loves the world and has invited me on a journey with Him to make this love