Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 27

to do this? Yes? Then you can do it! Don’t look at Charlton Heston or some of the other great per- formers who have done biblical roles. Look at what the Holy Father wants; I mean God the Father, not the Pope; what God the Father wants you to do.” I’m sorry, I know that  terminology is sacred to Catholics and I don’t mean that in a  belittling way at all. All I’m saying is that is how I call my Heavenly Father, my Holy Father, my Heavenly Father. Anyway, I’d say look into His face. Find out what you should be doing and how you should be interpreting the part and then go for it. And believe me being the T.D. (that’s what they called me, the “Tyrannical Director”) because I would say, “No, no, no, I don’t want you to do it that way. Do it this way.” And they would go, “Really, Liz?!” “Yes! really,” that’s would I would say. “I’m going to insist on this or that.” But other parts, and stage business and things they would come up with and I would say, “Wonderful, wonderful. Why didn’t I think of that?” And so, as somebody who does all that, as the T.D., I have to be concerned about every character and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Our greatest fear was blowing the breakers in a certain church where we used to perform.  My husband would try to manipulate the lights but sometimes they would blow and I’d have to run down to the basement of the church and turn the breakers back on and that’s how we did it.  They don’t say, “God, what do YOU want me to do?” You sent us one of your scripts and you mentioned it earlier in our interview, an Easter play, The Bread of the Servant. It’s published so perhaps you could tell people where to find it. I’d be glad to.  I have a link on Amazon. Right now my Bread of Life Books website is down for various reasons but it’s coming up this summer. It will be back up on a different server. I don’t know all that lingo! But in the meantime you can order it from Amazon and also get it from me, Elizabeth Honaker, Box 373 Sparta, Tennessee  38583. Either way I’ll get it to you. I would love to let people look at the copy and see for themselves that it is so doable.  In The Bread of the Servant, I have an extensive introduction to why I do it and how a small church can start. Literally, our church in 1977 started with bathrobes, which are not the most culturally agreeable things. I found a bolt of cloth and I made twelve costumes; the same exact costumes, and just dressed them up with pieces of cloth that looked like cloaks so that everybody looked different. That cost me $65 and now the closet; we have a large room all dedicated to