Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 25

audience cannot take it in. You have to craft, but that kind of crafting is what I feel preachers do. Every Sunday they take a text and they say, “Listen to what I am saying about this text.” Similarly, I say, “Listen to what I’m saying about this text AND here’s a visual presentation of it.” I might add this; I’ve done a lot of studying on the topic of Christian drama throughout the centuries. The church very appropriately, when it reached Rome, began to think that drama which was bawdy and rude and rowdy and of course we know it was deadly because of the gladiator games, the church condemned that kind of performance and so it should. But around the 3rd for 4th century, a time when Christian worship became ritualized, the priests would be performers as they reenacted the rituals, and espe- cially at Easter, would give a formal presentation of what Mary Magdalene and the other two women encountered when they saw the angels in the tomb.  That began Medieval drama. Of course it was taken out of the church later on and put into pageant wagons and local performances like OberAmada in Germany, and so on. But the church ratified or real- ized that drama adds another dimension to the proclamation of the Gospel. And I like it. ... sight and sound are beautiful things that God has provided us with and I believe that the Gospel can be pre- sented both visually and audibly together. It brings people in.  Yes, and I’ve had so many say to me, “How did you know this? How did you know?” I asked in return, “How did I know what?” “Well, that play was just for me.” And I said, “Well, I didn’t know.” One time I introduced the play at a party. We Methodists love to get together with fellowship dinners and stuff. So, all of my actors were there and I brought the script. I said, “Here, circulate it.” One guy sat down with a look of consternation on his face and I said, “What’s wrong with you? What is it?” He said, “This is me! You wrote this play for me!” I said, “I didn’t.” But I give all credit to God. All credit to the Lord and the Holy Spirit.  I would say that your analogy of the drama and the preacher is apropos because that is what the preacher has to face every Sunday, as when God is working through him and he does his sermon. And then people say, “Why were you bringing me up in front of the whole church?” Yes! And I’ve been the “victim” of that many, many times and God is a wonderful God. He is not into