Edge of Faith July 2017 - Page 2

FEATURES Ultimate Fighting Champion Justin Wren fights for the forgotten, the Pygmies of the Republic of Congo, to bring them freedom and clean water. Audio Drama Paul McCusker takes advantage of decades of writ- ing and producing to discusses the magic of audio drama and how it moves God’s Word. The Bread of the Servant Elizabeth Honaker has written a plethora of Christian plays. In this issue she discusses her experience as a play write, as well as a director. Learn the pitfalls as you decide to perform your local play. Water Needs in Arica Johann Vanderbilt shares his experiences in Gamble, Africa and the struggle for clean water. He also talks about his new challenges as he embarks on work- ing with the people of the Cape Town, South Africa as the fight the worse drought in a century. Baptismal Imagery Robin Jensen walks us through the rich history and cultural significants of baptism fonts of the early church. The Beatitudes Stu G spends time with talking about the 10 year journey finally com- ing true with, The Beatitudes Project. Multiple musicians from Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant to Propaganda all come together to make this collaborative album.