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CAREER CONNECT EdCal CareerConnect ads are published in conjunction with the CareerConnect epub and online listings. To place an ad in CareerConnect, or to learn more about job advertising opportunities, visit acsa.org/careers View expanded online listings and read the epub online at www.acsa.org/jobs ✪ new posting. ✖ imminent application deadline. ✪ featured posting. featured ✪ Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (San Mateo & San Diego Counties) Director & Coordinator. Deadline: 5/12/2017. $126,230 & $90,850. Contact: Fred Van Leuven, President. (650) 696-1060. jobs@acswasc.org. For more information, go to www.acswasc.org/contact/acs-wasc-careers. ✪ Bellevue Union School District ADA 1,922 (Sonoma County) Superintendent. Deadline: 4/28/2017. Competitive and negotiable salary, based on qualifications and experience, and a benefits package. Contact: Susie Truelove, Human Resources Analyst. (707) 524-2677. struelove@scoe.org. To apply: Applications must be submitted online at www.edjoin.org by 4:30 pm on April 28, 2017. http://edjo.in/908758. ✪ Clovis Unified School District ADA 42,000 (Fresno County) Superintendent. Deadline: 5/8/2017. Negotiated Contract/229 days. Contact: Kelly Avants, APR, Chief Communication Officer. (559) 327-9092. kellyavants@cusd.com. Learn more and apply online at www.cusd.com/superintendentsearch. http://edjo.in/911413. ✪ Dinuba Unified School District ADA 6,500 (Tulare County) Transportation Director. Deadline: Open Until Filled. $79,262-$97,788/261 days. Contact: Lupe Valdez, HR Tech 1. (559) 595-7205. lupev@dinuba.k12.ca.us. Please visit our website: dusd.dinuba.k12.ca.us Select Career Opportunities and Visit http://edjo.in/909796. ✪ Laguna Beach Unified School District ADA 3,000 (Orange County) High School Principal. Deadline: 5/5/2017. $162,853-$194,100/222 days. Contact: Leisa Winston, Assistant Superintendent, HR. (949) 497-7700. lwinston@lbusd.org. Apply at http://edjo.in/908927. ✪ Pittsburg Unified School District ADA 11,000 (Contra Costa County) EL Coordinator (Coordinator of Programs for English Learners and Dual Language Instruction). Deadline: Open Until Filled. $105,192-$131,322/225 days. Contact: Christine Huston, HR Administrative Specialist. (925) 473-2429. chuston@pittsburg.k12.ca.us. Please apply on www.edjoin.org and ‘Search’ for Pittsburg. http://edjo.in/898355. superintendent ✖ Alta Vista School District ADA 572 (Tulare County) Superintendent. Deadline: 5/5/2017. Negotiable/220 days. Contact: Ramon Garcia, Administrative Asst. (559) 733-6322. ramong@tcoe.org. To apply: Letter of Introduction, Resume, 3 References & Copy of Administrative Credential. ✪ CSBA/McPherson & Jacobson—Ventura Unified School District ADA 17,000 (Ventura County) Superintendent. Deadline: 5/25/2017. Competitive. Contact: Mr. Ben Johnson, Consultant. (888) 375-4814. mail@macnjake.com. To apply: www.macnjake.com. ✖ Leadership Associates—Lemon Grove School District ADA 3,831 (San Diego County) Superintendent. Deadline: 5/8/2017. Competitive. Contact: Rich Thome, Consultant. (805) 364-2775. bbanning@leadershipassociates.org. To apply: Email name, current title and personal contact information to bbanning@leadershipassociates.org. The Cosca Group—Dixie School District ADA 1,980 (Marin County) Superintendent. Deadline: 5/19/2017. Competitive and Negotiable. Contact: Dr. Frank Cosca, (714) 313-2717, cosca.frank@gmail.com or Dr. Steve Goldstone, (707) 373-3786, gostevego@gmail.com, Search Consultants. (707) 646-2846. tcgcorp@sbcglobal.net. To apply: For application form and procedures, go to www.thecoscagroup.com. superintendent/principal ✖ Sequoia Union School District ADA 330 (Tulare County) Superintendent/ Principal. Deadline: 5/5/2017. $110,000-$130,000/220 days. Contact: Ramon Garcia, Administrative Asst. (559) 733-6322. ramong@tcoe.org. To apply: Letter of Introduction, Resume, 3 References and Copy of Administrative Credential. deputy/associate/assistant supt ✖ Eastside Union School District ADA 3,500 (Los Angeles County) Assistant Superintendent Educational Services. Deadline: 5/1/2017. $129,683-$142,931/230 days. Contact: David Howard, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources. (661) 952-1219. dhoward@eastsideusd.org. All applications and supporting documenta- tion must be submitted online at www.edjoin.org. ✪ Fullerton School District ADA 14,000 (Orange County) Assistant Superintendent, Business Services. Deadline: 5/17/2017. $199,481/223 days. Contact: Eddie Bui, Personnel Analys. (714) 447-7455. eddie_bui@myfsd.org. To apply: www.edjoin.org - Search “Fullerton Elementary”. ✪ Hayward Unified School District ADA 21,000 (Alameda County) Assistant Superintendent, Business Services. Deadline: 5/22/2017. Negotiable/224 days. Contact: Fernando Yanez, Executive Director, Classified Human Resources. (510) 784- 2697. fyanez@husd.us. To apply: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/haywardusd/default.cfm. Lancaster School District (Los Angeles County) Assistant Superintendent, Business Services. Deadline: 5/15/2017. $149,174-$161,208. Contact: Cathy Wachter, Search Assistant. (916) 446-7517. cathyw@sscal.com. For a brochure and applica- tion, go to www.sscal.com/executive_searches.cfm?id=all. acsa.org/careers April 24, 2017 EDCAL   7 Association of California School Administrators deputy/associate/assistant supt ✖ Leadership Associates—Fontana Unified School District ADA 38,742 (San Bernardino County) Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. Deadline: 5/8/2017. Competitive. Contact: Peggy Lynch, Ed.D, Consultant. (805) 364- 2775. bbanning@leadershipassociates.org. To apply: Email name, current title and personal contact information to bbanning@leadershipassociates.org. ✖ Sonoma Valley Unified School District ADA 4,500 (Sonoma County) Associate Superintende \[\\X\ˈXY[N K ̌ Mˈ L B M ^[[X[[Y]XYǨH^\ˈ۝X[YHܙ[[YZ[\]]H\\[RRK[X[\\\\\Y[ HLKM  ܙ[[ۛX\˛ܙˈ\Hۛ[H]Y˚[L ̍M˂%ۛXH[^H[YYY\XQH L  ۛXH[JB\X]H\\[[[[X[ۘ[\X\ˈXY[N K ̌ M˂ L I M ^[[X[[Y]XYǨH^\ˈ۝X[YBܙ[[YZ[\]]H\\[RRK[X[\\\\\Y[ HLKB  ܙ[[ۛX\˛ܙˈ\Hۛ[H]Y˚[L KY\YX][ۂ[YܛXH]H[]\]K[\]\ [\]\[JH\\[ٙ\܈و[[܈YX][ۋXY[N[[[[Y \]]]K۝XܘKX\[Z]YHZ\ JH L̍ ܘLP\[YK\N۝XܘH] JH L̍܂ܘLP\[YKY[\[ZHZH[YYY\XQH N  [ܘY[JHY[\[ XY[N[[[[Y H[K[][[HۈHX[Y[Y[[\HY[H\ L KI L LǨMH^\ˈ۝X[Y[Hݚ][X \YX]Y\ۛ[XX[\ L H M KL L ݚ][X\ ܙˈX\HXBZ]H\]Hۛ[H\X][ۈX]]Y˚[L K%Z[]\[YYY\X [H\H[JH[\[ HY XY[N ̎ ̌ Mˈ\]]]K۝XX]H\[\R\^K\X܂  H KL \^P]\ ܙˈX\H\Hۛ[H]˙Y[ܙۂ܈YܙHY^K\[  MH N  K%]ܝ SY\H[YYY\X ܘ[H[JHY[\[ XY[N KǨ Mˈ L I M K۝XZ\[X\[K\\[\\[[[ YY[X[\\\ٙX\ M H ML KY\]\ \ˈ\NX]\ \ڛ؜܈]Z[Y؈ B[[\X][ۋ*\Y[H[YYY\X [[\[JHY[\[ XY[N[[[[Y  I L L[۝ǨN^\ˈ۝X[YHۋ^X]]HXܙ]\K H ML͌ ۋ[YP\ \ˈ[\]Z\Y[]\HXZ]Yۛ[HY[\Y[\X][ۋ%[[YYY\XQH L ۝[X][ۋ[\]]BY[\[ XY[N K ̌ Mˈ L KI L͋ Ǩ^\ˈ۝X\\HXX[\X܋[X[\\\ˈ H M N XX[[˛ܙˈX\HXZ][\\X][ۈۂ˙Y[ܙ˂%YXX[^H[YYY\XQH  ܘ[H[JBY[\[Z\[ۈYZY XY[N KǨ Mˈ LNK M B M M̈ X^[\H[Y\ۙ]]HY\\][ MHYX\وX\XB^\Y[H[YX][ۊK\[Y][ۘ[ LNH܈ܘ[ܙY] ̌^\˂۝X[ۈ[\[X[\\\XXX[ MJH N ĽK[ۋ[\ݝ\ ܙˈX\HYH\Y[[\KY˚[L MKYXH[\[*ܝ[SHZ\YH[YYY\XQH N  [[\[JH\\[[\[ Y HZ\YH[YX[]H KXY[N KĽ Mˈ LMK LI L NML[۝̌LH^\ˈ۝X]B\XX[YZ[\]]HXܙ]\HRK MH L LLKٙ\XX[]\ LK\˂X\H\HXHY[Y˚[LLM ZYH[\[%ܝ[SHZ\YHTQH N  [[\[JH[\[ZYB H[YX[]H ][ۜ]Z[XJKXY[N Ǩ Mˈ LK LB L L ̌L^\ˈ۝X]H\XX[YZ[\]]HXܙ]\HRK MH L BLKٙ\XX[]\ ܙˈX\H\H]Y˚[LLLL %\\XQH M  [\H[JH[\[ ZYB XY[N ̎ ̌ Mˈ L KI LK ǨMH^\ˈ۝X\\XK\\[\\[[[   JH KLML KY\P\ ܙˈ\X][ۜ˜\HH\]Y[XZ]YYH\XX]H]˛\ ܙ˂[[Y[\H[\[*[\\\XQH MK  [[\[JH\\[[\[܈[[Y[\H [[X[[\\]Z\Y KXY[NKLǨ Mˈ M MI LM MNǨL^\ˈ۝XHX\^YZ[\]]HXܙ]\K JHM M KX\^[ ܙˈ\H]˙Y[ܙ˂%]HZH]H\X [[\[JH[[Y[\H[\[ XY[N K ̌ Mˈ L K M I L ĽMH^\ˈ۝XۚH\\\\\܋\ۛ[\X\ˈ MH N K\\ ] \X][ۈ[؈\ܚ\ B[ۈ]Z[XHۛ[H]˙Y[ܙ˂%[[YYY\XQH L [[Y[\H[\[ XY[N K ̌ Mˈ LMK L I L ̋̌L^\ˈ۝X\\HXX[\X܋[X[\\\ˈ H M N XX[[˛ܙˈX\HXZ]\X][ۜۈY[ M۝[YYHYH