Ed Stephens Resume - Page 12

CONFIDENCE Ed Stephens has the confidence and optimism to understand the rewards of perseverance, experience, the never give up attitude that is necessary for both he and his clients to achieve their real estate goals. “I am writing on behalf of my brother John and myself regarding the outstanding experience we had with Ed Stephens on the sale of our Family’s residence at 110 New Place Road in Hillsborough. We undertook a considerable amount of due diligence in determining which agent in the area had the best experience and reputation to best represent us. We put a premium on finding somebody with a proven track record and a demonstrated a willingness to partner with us on the preparation and positioning of the home for sale. This included updating the home to maximize the appeal of the home to potential buyers. Ed was always willing to meet with us and vendors at the house when necessary, and in the end created a home of great distinction......” Tom Saidy